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All of us know the importance of testing, especially in the world of EFT. In an ever changing transaction processing environment, the need for a solid test tool is a must.


Currently there are not enough effective tools to test or to examine Base24 applications. That is why we developed Sim++.


Sim++ consists mainly of two modules, the Simulator and the Audit Explorer.


Sim++ is a great tool to test the Base24 application. With its GUI interface the user can see exactly what is being sent and received using the simulator application.


With the Audit Explorer module, the user can quickly and easily see every single data element in every message contained in an audit file.




The Simulator.


The simulator module is an easy tool to generate messages to be sent to any satellite process within XPNET network. It includes message definition building tools, so the user can define different message formats without having to know any programming language. We can summarize the capabilities of the simulator as follows.


         The user can define any message easily; the supported formats are ISO, fixed structures (such as STM) and delimited messages (such as NDC+).

         The user can manipulate any field in the message easily. Fields can be replaced with predefined values or can be manually entered.

         The simulator has the capability to capture fields from incoming messages and replace them in the outgoing messages, with no programming required.

         The simulator can respond back automatically to incoming messages.

         The user can control which messages to send back to the network. This will allow the user to respond back to requests in any desired order; it does not have to be the order they came in.

         The simulator can simulate a satellite process or a station.

         It can read message from an audit file, modify it and re-send it.

         The user can queue messages by building different messages and holding them. Then release all of them, a few of them or one at a time individually to the network.

         The user can define description text for any field in the message so all codes can be displayed with its appropriate text.

         It has a built in debugger to display the source of each field. This simplifies the building of messages.

         Sim++ is fully programmable. Because it is an ActiveX component, the simulator can be programmed with any language that can control ActiveX components (such as C, C++, VB, VBA, JAVA and others). With the demo you will find how to control the simulator using a Microsoft Excel spread sheet.

         Even though Sim++ is programmable, there is no programming experience required to simulate messages. Programming is mainly used for automating the test.

         It can simulate send and receive stations as well as send only and receive only stations. For some switches, it is required to receive on one station and send on another station.

         It can easily build messages using another message. In the case of reversals, the user can generate a reversal from the received response.

         It has built in logic to handle Base24 tokens. It can easily add tokens to outgoing messages, and decode tokens in the incoming messages.



The Audit Explorer.


Another powerful tool in Sim++ is the Audit Explorer. This module can read XPNET audit files real-time from the Tandem system or after transferring them to the PC using IXF (binary transfer). We can summarize the capabilities of the Audit Explorer as follows.


         It can parse the message fields and display them in an easy to read format. It can also print the decoded message or print the raw message data.

         It can identify messages according to predefined conditions. The audit messages will be identified with message types, such as request, response .. etc.

         The user can filter message according to their requirements. The user can eliminate message coming from or going to certain process(s) or station(s). The user can also eliminate certain message types such as network management messages.

         Using the built in search engine, the user can search for messages that contain certain values or messages that satisfy certain conditions (such as declined messages with a certain response code).

         The user can compare two messages to show the difference between them.

         The Audit Explorer is fully programmable, the user can write programs to verify audit files or to convert them into spread sheets.

         The user can define the message representation (ASCII ,EBCDIC or Binary) so the display will change automatically depending on the required representation.


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